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iFlight: The BA business plane that ditches its entertainment system for iPads

July 14th, 2012

Kinny Cheng

A great piece by David Phelan of Pocket-lint on how portable mobile computing devices, like Apple’s iPad, can enhance the experience for both crew and pax.

British Airways have begun using the iPad on their all-business London City to New York JFK flights (served by Airbus A318 aircraft).

I’ve also heard of off-the-cuff reports of them being utilised by crew on other BA flights for pax management.

Very, very interesting times ahead.

IKEA’s latest showroom: a pop-up at CDG in Paris!

July 14th, 2012

Kinny Cheng

PSFK’s Alice Chan:

“The Swedish furniture giant has installed this well-designed and comfortable area to alleviate stress and nervousness due to holdiay travel, further showing its commitment of improving the everyday life for its consumers.”

Well, it’s not your typical IKEA showroom, where you could roam the halls and grab your gear at the end.

Rather, in addition to providing a location for people to take it easy during their travels, the “VIP lounge” also promotes and exposes IKEA’s products to those who may not normally visit their stores, including actually sampling and test-driving the furniture!

I would be interested to know if there’s currently a method in place to facilitate purchase (not exactly buying from the pop-up showroom, but rather making it possible once a traveller gets home, for example).

The lounge is open until August 5th at Terminal 3 of Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Flying with Babe in cattle?

July 13th, 2012

Kinny Cheng

Fox News had this to share:

“The U.S. Department of Transportation is considering new regulations that would allow pot-bellied pigs, miniature horses and monkeys to board the plane with their owners if they are being used as service animals or provide emotional or psychiatric support.

The proposed change requires that you let a service animal “accompany a passenger with a disability to the passenger’s assigned seat and remain there if the animal does not obstruct the aisle or other areas that must remain unobstructed to facilitate an emergency evacuation.””


It sure gives “cattle class” a whole new meaning.

Etiquette versus entitlement

July 13th, 2012

Kinny Cheng

Joe Sharkey, for The New York Times:

“Actually, I did mind. I had paid extra for that aisle seat, using an airline credit card that also gave me priority boarding — which meant I was assured that I would have space in an overhead bin near my seat for my carry-on. The extra fee, $20, had bought me a slightly less crummy coach seat on the aisle, but I was happy to have it.”

What a lot of us frequent travellers don’t realise, and/or may have forgotten about, is how many casual air travellers are not aware of the concept of “paying for a good seat”.

An interesting read that reminds us of just how much commercial air travel has changed over the course of time, along with the expectations that a typical airline passenger now upholds — compared to (say) ten, twenty years past?


July 13th, 2012

Kinny Cheng

Australian Business Traveller’s John Walton, on the subject of eating for good flying:

”We’ve added our own suggestions to SQ’s set of six… feel free to share your own tips with other business travellers in a comment at the bottom of the article!”

There are some pretty solid pieces of advice and suggestions listed. A must-read for any air traveller, no matter what the occasion is!

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