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Eating healthily on board? Yes, you can!

April 30th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

eTravel Blackboard:

In the past five years[,] orders for low-calorie meals has increased 300 percent and orders for low cholesterol meals rose by 181 percent, according to new data released by Cathay Pacific.

Even without the official data, it’s not surprising to find such an increase in this trend, given how the world has seen a progressive change in food consumption habits.

Arguably, this shift has been around for much longer (than just the past five years). But the lead-time by the different airlines’ adoption of these meals, plus the knowledge of availability by passengers, would’ve been plausible factors leading to this result.

In any case, the greater food options is a positive win for the passenger experience in general — that is, on airlines that offer such dietary food options…

(Hat-tip to Nikos of @inflightFeed for always bringing foodie-related tweets to my attention! :)

Airline trends coming of age?

April 27th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

Future Travel Experiences:

Last week saw the 2013 edition of the Aircraft Interiors Expo, hosted by the city of Hamburg. FTE was excited to be in attendance, and in addition to the huge array of stands and booths showcasing some of the latest innovations and technologies set to take to the skies in the not-too-distant future, there was also a wide array of fascinating talks from industry leaders. Here’s some of the trends we’ve learned to be on the lookout for, courtesy of some of the most informed sources in the business.

Another good read if you’re a bit lazy with having to dig and keep track of Twitter or RSS feeds.

The shift to personalisation is, and has been, very real. It may not have been so obvious before. But carriers are slowing realising the value of making such changes to improve upon the overall passenger experience — like making things feel less clinical, for example? :)

Flushing with innovation!

April 26th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

The APEX Editor’s Blog’s Mary Kirby:

Brace yourself. For the first time ever B/E showed off its modular lavatory for the Boeing 737.

Seeing is believing!

(And I still think my eyes are playing tricks…!)

On-board recycling going mainstream?

April 24th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

Kerry Reals, writing for the APEX Editor’s Blog:

In a bid to address this issue, British Airways has just started a programme to collect and recycle aluminium cans on its inbound long-haul London Heathrow services, and other airlines appear to be following suit.

Strict European Union regulations mean that all cabin waste from non-EU countries “has to be incinerated or land-filled”, BA head of environment Jonathon Counsell tells the APEX editor’s blog. “The key is to separate food waste from recyclables.”

Apparently, BA has been doing this on their short-haul flights for a couple of years already (goes to show how I’ve not had the pleasure of flying with them!), and which has led to this eventual initiation on their long-haul flights into London Heathrow.

What’s great also? Other airlines also wanting in on the idea. It can only be so…

A very interesting read, well worth your five-minutes over that tea or coffee.

Computers cripple AA, social media saves the day?

April 22nd, 2013

Kinny Cheng

Michael Sebastian, PR Daily:

As the airline suffered a nationwide computer outage on Tuesday, social media became the go-to source for information on the carrier’s progress. The company tweeted updates about the outage, and responded to voluminous tweets from customers, resolving issues and wishing passengers safe travels.

Social media saves the day again for American Airlines — considering how Facebook and Twitter are now two well-established ways of getting the message (or news) out there.

According to the article (a good quick-read), the situation at some locations wasn’t perfect, specifically relating to inconsistent messages on situational updates. Granted that everyone involved should be singing the same tune, there would surely be loose ends.

Hopefully, experiences over time will bring improvements to such procedures.

I have personally found American Airlines’ Twitter account to take on a rather robotic personality — one that I very much dislike because of its seemingly inferior nature come conversation and engagement. But this time round, AA may have actually proven itself to be worthy of some praise…

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