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Future-proofing #PaxEx

November 6th, 2014

Kinny Cheng

John Walton, writing for Runway Girl Network:

That’s something that the ‘passenger experience’ (#PaxEx) industry doesn’t do enough. Future-proofing seems to have be an afterthought, if considered at all.

I couldn’t possibly agree more.

Shortsightedness, intentional or not, by the various industry players will eventually — and have already — come full circle.

(But who am I to say so…)

Qantas continues its waning…

November 6th, 2014

Kinny Cheng

Via The National:

Qantas Airways is taking extreme measures to cut its planes’ weight and pack in more paying travellers as its chief executive Alan Joyce works to return the carrier to profit.

Begs the question: Why are these measures being enacted only now, and not before?

Whether it’s now, or since way before, such “measures” will only be seen as desperate — especially when multiple initiatives are being compounded, like the introduction of tray-less economy class meals on international flights.

And to rub salt in the wound, the Australian national carrier plans to open a new first class lounge at Los Angeles International Airport in January 2015. So much for cost reduction measures.

Yes, the airline is re-shuffling it’s priorities. But the appropriateness of these initiatives — like many others, I’m not so sure.

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