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On reflection…

July 10th, 2012

Kinny Cheng

Bloomberg brings us another round of MAS shamelessness, directly from this year’s Farnborough Air Show:

“The double-deckers are fitted out with 420 seats in economy class, 66 in business and eight in first. The CEO said that on reflection another 20 or so seats could probably have been accommodated and that this may be addressed in any future refit.”

While the article mainly talks about their fleet renewal, Mr. Yahya is already talking about “a future refit” on their brand-spanking-new A380 aircraft.

Getting ahead of yourself there, don’t you think, Mr. CEO-of-Malaysian-Airline-System-Bhd.?

Is it purely regret of not being able to charge 20 more pax per A380 rotation?

Or, may be

“The first-class cabin may also be moved to the top deck to avoid premium clients having to exit with coach passengers.”

The eighth airline to operate the A380, and they’re still so, so unsure…

One more nail in the coffin for this airline.

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