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Finnair trials wireless IFE and Internet

March 20th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

Straight from the Finnair press release:

Tomorrow, on 20th March, Finnair will begin a two-month trial of the tablets and wireless internet service on board one of its Airbus A330 wide body aircraft. The plane, with the registration OH-LTT, will be used on both scheduled and charter flights.

“We want to enhance our customers’ in-flight comfort,” says Peter Gabrielsson, Vice President Customer Experience, Finnair. “We want to test the functionality of the wireless network on intercontinental flights and how the passengers use the equipment during the flight. We are interested in learning how the use is divided between the fixed in-flight entertainment system and the tablet.”

In other words, dipping toes into water to gauge the practicality of such a set-up.

OnAir will be the provider for the trial’s in-flight Internet connectivity.

Finnair joins the social seating game

March 14th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

Straight from the Finnair press release:

Finnair has introduced a new social check-in service, which allows the passengers to link their  Facebook profile with the seat map. When doing so, other passengers can see the passenger’s Facebook profile and the passenger can see who else has checked in on the same flight and where they are seated.

Sounds familiar?

And once you’re all checked in, the user can choose to share their flight details via LinkedIn, Twitter, or even Sina Weibo.

Towards the end, it notes this:

In the first phase the service only includes Facebook but more social networks will be added later.

Not entirely sure what this means. But time will tell.

Also, Finnair turns 90 this year!

February 19th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

To celebrate the 90th year of Finnair’s operations, the ecstatic team at the airline did up a four-minute video that shares the experiences of many.

I’ll come clean and say that I have a special love for this airline, and the things they do to make the passenger experience an interesting and engaging one.

My best wishes to Finnair and the different teams throughout, and “more power!” :)

Finnair to add full-flat business-class seats across long-haul fleet

February 13th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

From the Finnair press release:

“Finnair will install new full flat seats in most of its existing long haul aircraft beginning in January 2014. Once the installation program is completed by autumn 2014, all of Finnair’s long haul Airbus fleet will have full flat seats in Business Class, with the exception of three older aircraft. These three aircraft will be the first to be removed from the fleet with the arrival of A350 XWBs in 2015. The total investment, including replacement investments, is approximately 29 million [E]uros.”

Those Zodiac seats are currently on four of Finnair’s newest Airbus A330s, which is something — but not as broadly available as their flyers would expect.

Some brief specifics:

“The seats are designed to provide a fully-flat bed of up to 200 cm (79”), while shoulder room measures 58 cm (23”). The fully adjustable seats also come with an individual reading light, adjustable head rest, mood lights and a range of inflight entertainment options.”

This announcement can only be good news, especially for an airline that now flies to a broad list of destinations throughout not just Europe, but also North America and (especially) throughout Asia — with the latter having somewhat-higher expectations come passenger experience (i.e. both hard and soft product).

I’ve been to Helsinki Airport, being Finnair’s home base, and do agree that it is a preferable European gateway of choice — compared to the likes of Frankfurt, London-Heathrow, and Paris Charles-de-Gaulle (*ugh!*).

The next couple of years will be an interesting ride for Finnair, especially with the introduction of the Airbus A350 into their fleet. Being the first European operator of this new aircraft type, this should give the airline a unique upside in the area of #PaxEx.

Finnair, an executive summary.

September 18th, 2012

Kinny Cheng

Paul Eden, writing for The APEX Blog:

“That’s why Finnair has founded its business on providing an exceptional customer experience, both on the ground in its award-winning lounges and in the air. All the while, the carrier has maintained a strong environmental stewardship.”

Finnair is a very interesting airline — one with a lot of potential for positive growth, with the biggest hinderance being environmental considerations (i.e. the global economy) which is affecting its ability to truly bloom.

It’s quite a long read. But if you’re into airlines and/or the passenger experience, then this piece is worth your time to go through. Bed-time literature, if you must.


A personal side note: I was personally been involved with some of their marketing efforts, specifically with the Quality Hunters project — an initiative by Finnair and Helsinki Airport working towards the common goal of upping the ante on the quality passenger experience. It felt like a virtual think-tank, especially when the discussions (amongst the participants, on Twitter) reached their ideal peak. I’m pretty sure everyone took something away from this enlightening experience.


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