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LOT Polish Airlines to keep 787 Dreamliners grounded until October?

February 15th, 2013

Kinny Cheng


“ ‘LOT president Sebastian Mikosz said he could not schedule his airline’s two 787s for summer season flights as long as the cause of the technical problems has not been determined and the U.S. aviation authorities’ order to keep them grounded remains in force.

The decision is “the result of uncertainlty,” said LOT spokesman Marek Klucinski said. “We want to carry our passangers in a forseeable and safe way.”

The decision is a blow to Poland’s national carrier, which is cutting costs and planning mass layoffs in an effort to survive. LOT is Europe’s first airline to have Dreamliners, which it had hoped would improve its financial results and position.

It also shows carriers are preparing for their 787s to be grounded for an extended period of time.’ ”

Out of all of the current Boeing 787 Dreamliner operators, LOT Polish Airlines has the least number of aircraft in possession at two — that is, of course, including the one 787 still sitting on a remote stand at Chicago’s O’Hare.

Declaring that the Dreamliners grounded through to at least October does not incite much confidence, especially to the general public. It also says a lot when Boeing have (supposedly) been keeping both current and future operators of this aircraft type up-to-speed — meaning, what we are hearing from LOT’s CEO today is based on the most-current information they have on the Lithium-ion battery situation.

LOT may seem to have the least to lose, compared with the likes of All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines (JAL), which have 17 and 7 Dreamliners each, respectively. This unprecedented delay is most likely causing issues with short-to-medium term planning and arrangements for both route and equipment planning — just like how it has been for ANA.

Not good.

My fellow Twitter compatriot’s remark on hearing the news: “Things are getting interesting now.”

And, as an #avgeek, I couldn’t agree more.

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