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No one wants to fly Malaysia Airlines anymore, for some reason…

September 4th, 2014

Kinny Cheng

Joe Coscarelli,

Odds are, if you fly Malaysia Airlines, you’ll be just fine — and probably get your seat upgraded for free. But after the loss of two commercial jets this year, including the still-unsolved disappearance of Flight 370 and the rocket attack on MH17 over Ukraine, try telling that to actual travelers.

Sadly, there’s really not much to tell anymore.

Malaysia Airlines scraps “bucket list” promotion

September 3rd, 2014

Kinny Cheng

Geoff Weiss,

Though, thematically speaking, this represents a fairly standard promotional model, many media outlets were stunned that a company so recently associated with death would host a contest hinging upon the concept of a bucket list — or the list of things one hopes to accomplish before dying.

UPDATE: It looks as though MAS hasn’t done away with the entire promotion idea — but simply giving it a new name(?):

The inevitable social media outcry appears to have prompted a rethink, and while the contest is still being offered by the airline, the phrase is no longer being used. Instead, visitors to its website are being asked to describe what they want to cross off their “to do” list, for the chance to win an iPad and a free economy class ticket.


MAS trials tablet use for A380 crew

March 27th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

Via Emirates 24/7:

Malaysia Airlines’ in-flight supervisors will use CrewTablet on iPads that are fully integrated with the airline’s operational systems and other business applications. The crew will be able to access a host of information, including weather reports, seat layouts, frequent flyer programs, flight connection information and safety manuals, with the touch or swipe of a screen.


Cabin crew can be trained and up and running in less than one hour, so they can immediately work with more flexibility and efficiency.

CrewTablet will also enable Malaysia Airlines to conduct passenger surveys using iPads, rather than paper. Survey results and feedback can be derived daily, instead of monthly, hence providing the opportunity to quickly enhance or change service delivery accordingly.

Assuming that the system is live, it can most certainly be a passenger experience enhancer in addition to saving the need for having stacks of loose paper!

Malaysia Airlines broadens pre-ordered meals service for premium pax

February 19th, 2013

Kinny Cheng


“Malaysia Airlines has extended its “Chef-on-Call” service to Business Class passengers travelling on its flights between Kuala Lumpur and the cities of Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Auckland.


“These are not only offered for flights from Malaysia but also for flights originating from the European and Australia/New Zealand cities,” Malaysia Airlines said in a statement today.

Director of Customer Services Datuk Salleh Ahmad Tabrani said the exclusive service was originally available to Frequent Flyer members of Enrich Platinum category travelling in First and Business Classes when it was rolled out from Sept 1, 2006 and later extended to all First Class passengers on the Kuala Lumpur-London and Kuala Lumpur-Sydney routes from Feb 1, 2011.”

This service was originally introduced back more than six years ago to the airline’s top-tier members, subsequently extended to first class passengers four years later, and now openly available to those travelling in both its premium cabins?

I suppose this exclusivity was what kept Malaysia Airlines at their five-star SKYTRAX rating — because, seriously, I really do not know what they did (and have done) to deserve it.

(And SKYTRAX is anything but a reliable indicator of “airline quality”!)

On reflection…

July 10th, 2012

Kinny Cheng

Bloomberg brings us another round of MAS shamelessness, directly from this year’s Farnborough Air Show:

“The double-deckers are fitted out with 420 seats in economy class, 66 in business and eight in first. The CEO said that on reflection another 20 or so seats could probably have been accommodated and that this may be addressed in any future refit.”

While the article mainly talks about their fleet renewal, Mr. Yahya is already talking about “a future refit” on their brand-spanking-new A380 aircraft.

Getting ahead of yourself there, don’t you think, Mr. CEO-of-Malaysian-Airline-System-Bhd.?

Is it purely regret of not being able to charge 20 more pax per A380 rotation?

Or, may be

“The first-class cabin may also be moved to the top deck to avoid premium clients having to exit with coach passengers.”

The eighth airline to operate the A380, and they’re still so, so unsure…

One more nail in the coffin for this airline.

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