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Scoot Aircraft Painting (Time-lapse Awesomeness)

June 9th, 2012

Kinny Cheng

Witness the painting of Scoot’s first aircraft in this rather-entertaining time-lapse video (from Scoot’s YouTube page):

After asking members of the social media public to suggest and vote for names to represent their aircraft, this Boeing 777-200 with registration ‘9V-OTA’ (ex Singapore Airlines with registration ‘9V-SQA’) has been christened ‘Barry’.

I must say that Scoot’s aircraft livery — in this video, pictures, and in the flesh — is kind of outstanding in its own right. Previously, when there were only mock-ups of the livery in pictures and on a scaled model, it wasn’t the most aesthetically-pleasing design to look at.

My best wishes to Scoot on their continual success!

(And on a side note, any bets on when 9V-OTA was actually painted?)

Scoot trims aircraft weight, economises operating costs with iPads for IFE

June 8th, 2012

Kinny Cheng

There may be more seats on Scoot’s Boeing 777-200 aircraft than most other LCCs could possibly offer (around 400 all up, including both ScootBiz and cattle cabins).

One strategic decision by Scoot, to gain further cost advantages, was to offer no hard-wired IFE (in-flight entertainment) solution, but instead provide portable devices for those interested during a flight. A limited number of the Apple iPad tablet are carried on each flight, and are available upon request — free for those travelling in the ScootBiz cabin, and at a cost of $22 Singapore dollars (rental charge) for economy passengers.

Scoot’s inflight entertainment guide

The iPads will feature movies, TV programmes, games, and audio entertainment for all walks of life.

World News Resource, in their recent article on Scoot, presents us with the cold, hard facts:

“…the truth is these tablets complete with their 50GB of content have reduced overall aircraft weight by a staggering 7% . Lighter airplanes means lower fuel bills and lower operational costs, therefore not only benefits the environments but also the pockets of passenger looking to bag cheap flights.”

The Scoot accountants would’ve been more than happy with those very-positive numbers.

But, more importantly, the solution’s portable nature makes it easily serviceable, whether it is for repairs or the periodical upgrade of content. The passenger experience is also enhanced thanks to existing familiarity with the device (it’s an iPad!)

Scoot’s play on social media — puts parent to utter shame!

May 19th, 2012

Kinny Cheng

When Singapore-based low-cost-carrier Scoot, being the wholly-owned subsidiary of world-renowned Singapore Airlines, announced details of their branding to the world, many were left in a state of shock — specifically with the naming of the airline, and their decision on a rather-unique aircraft livery (or outer hull design schema).

The Facebook page cover photo for Scoot

But with much time having past, most observers have taken up a state of curiousness, waiting to see just how Scoot plays it all out.

During the course of the last couple of months, social media — via Facebook, primarily — has been one of the LCC’s primary way of reaching out and engaging with their fans and potential customers.

Yesterday, Scoot released the first photos of their newly-painted aircraft, still in the hanger surrounded by access platforms to the Boeing 777-200’s exterior hull. These photos show that we’re getting close to “job’s done!”, if not already completed — yet, they don’t show the entirety of the paint job.

No matter — because these same photos successfully manage to put the observers’ mind at rest (on “wondering just how awful it could possibly look” throughout this time) by seeing the seemingly-good-bits. At the same time, it creates an added level of suspense, which is “how will the end-product really look”, but in a more positive frame-of-mind thanks to the former clues.

Scoot’s Facebook page showing their new aircraft livery

As we etch closer to the June 4th inaugural flight, bound for Sydney, those same observers are beginning to wonder about progress. Releasing “An Exclusive 1st Look!” via Facebook, and not via the general media channels, brings the relationship with its followers (on Facebook) much closer.

Finally, to make these twelve photos really mean something, Scoot also has a “Name our Scoot Babies” campaign running, which asks its Facebook followers to “like” the page and come up with a good name. The winning entry wins a pair of air tickets on “the plane you help name”. Brilliant!

Scoot’s “Name our Scoot Babies” campaign page on Facebook

I, personally, am looking forward to being on that inaugural flight myself, having purchased my ticket some weeks back. Scoot’s use of social media has certainly impressed me — unlike what Singapore Airlines has managed after finally deciding to establish official presences on Facebook and Twitter.

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