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Singapore Airlines to further enhance the passenger experience?

June 12th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

Via The Examiner:

The new customer experience management (CEM) system will be implemented during the second half of 2014. Financial terms of the contract were not disclosed, but the award is one element of a multi-million-dollar investment program by SIA to further enhance the experience of its customers.

The new system will allow airline personnel to more even more efficiently address passenger’s desires.“Service Excellence has always been a key pillar of Singapore Airlines’ brand promise, enabling us to retain our position as the world’s most awarded airline for many years,” said Senior vice president product & services, Mr. Tan Pee Teck.

“But we cannot take our leadership position for granted. IT is a critical enabler that helps us continue enhancing our customer service offerings. The new CEM system will be an important element to help our staff on the ground and in the air take customer service to the next level.”

It’s both amusing and condescending to learn just how Singapore Airlines (SIA) seem completely oblivious to the need of addressing those other customer service vitals, such as their infamous web site that has not gone like clockwork ever since its launch more than two years ago. It’s an ongoing problem that the airline has not formally owned up to, nor have they done close to enough in correcting the dysfunctional user experience.

While SIA may still excel in providing a unique level of inflight cabin service delivery throughout all classes, their ignorance to social media is not painting a pretty picture for the airline, which has consistently prided themselves for offering some the best all-round customer service. Those who’ve had the opportunity to deal with SIA on Twitter, like myself, would’ve mostly walked away with sour grapes.

They’ve missed the point for so long now. One wonders if all this is going to be a waste of time also.

“Afternoon tea on Singapore Airlines, perhaps?”

March 21st, 2013

Kinny Cheng

Via Business Traveller:

Singapore Airlines has launched a new English Tea service for business and first class passengers on selected flights between London and Singapore.

The carrier says that the new option – which is being offered on flights SQ317 (departing London at 1055) and SQ305 (leaving Heathrow at 1515) – is being launched in response to “the resurgence in demand for the time-honoured and quintessential Afternoon Tea”.

It’s those little things that can make the difference.

Singapore Airlines to revamp cabin products

August 15th, 2012

Kinny Cheng

Singapore Airlines logo

Flightglobal’s Firdaus Hashim:

“The products will first be introduced on the new -300ERs that are due to enter service in the later half of 2013. Subsequently, it will be introduced on its Airbus A350s and Boeing 787s to be delivered.”

All cabins, from first class right down to economy, will see improvements of some degree (compared to the current offerings, found on all B777-300ER and A380 aircraft excluding Suites), as well as a cabin interior makeover and an improved IFE+C (inflight entertainment and connectivity) offering.

It makes perfect sense for Singapore Airlines to announce these forthcoming changes now, and progressively introduce them when deliveries of the new aircraft models are just beyond the horizon.

And why no A380 retrofit? Most probably because the fleet is still quite new (their 18th aircraft was recently delivered, with one outstanding to come very shortly) — but, eventually, a progressive retrofit is very much a possibility (with the only question remaining being “when?”)

Open for interpretation: Malaysia Airlines “FIRST TO FLY A380”?

July 2nd, 2012

Kinny Cheng

A tweet from the official Malaysia Airlines Twitter account, from earlier tonight:

@MAS: ”History will be made in 3 hours – as #myA380 will take its 1st flight to London. Excitement is in the air!”

First and foremost, my congratulations to MAS on their inaugural A380 revenue operation from to London-Heathrow, which took off from Kuala Lumpur earlier this evening.

Now, the highlight of that tweet was, of course, the content of the attached URL:

MH A380 first-to-fly banner


I’m pretty sure I didn’t read that wrong…

Now, let me take you back to almost five years ago, when I took this picture just before That First Flight…

SQ A380 first-to-fly signage

Seven A380 operators (a la airlines) later, this latest one decided it was fine time to revisit using such a phrase, which was originally (and appropriately) coined by its neighbour across the pond.

I guess my point here is, why choose to word a message in such a way that it can clearly lead to misinterpretation by the general masses?

Scoot’s play on social media — puts parent to utter shame!

May 19th, 2012

Kinny Cheng

When Singapore-based low-cost-carrier Scoot, being the wholly-owned subsidiary of world-renowned Singapore Airlines, announced details of their branding to the world, many were left in a state of shock — specifically with the naming of the airline, and their decision on a rather-unique aircraft livery (or outer hull design schema).

The Facebook page cover photo for Scoot

But with much time having past, most observers have taken up a state of curiousness, waiting to see just how Scoot plays it all out.

During the course of the last couple of months, social media — via Facebook, primarily — has been one of the LCC’s primary way of reaching out and engaging with their fans and potential customers.

Yesterday, Scoot released the first photos of their newly-painted aircraft, still in the hanger surrounded by access platforms to the Boeing 777-200’s exterior hull. These photos show that we’re getting close to “job’s done!”, if not already completed — yet, they don’t show the entirety of the paint job.

No matter — because these same photos successfully manage to put the observers’ mind at rest (on “wondering just how awful it could possibly look” throughout this time) by seeing the seemingly-good-bits. At the same time, it creates an added level of suspense, which is “how will the end-product really look”, but in a more positive frame-of-mind thanks to the former clues.

Scoot’s Facebook page showing their new aircraft livery

As we etch closer to the June 4th inaugural flight, bound for Sydney, those same observers are beginning to wonder about progress. Releasing “An Exclusive 1st Look!” via Facebook, and not via the general media channels, brings the relationship with its followers (on Facebook) much closer.

Finally, to make these twelve photos really mean something, Scoot also has a “Name our Scoot Babies” campaign running, which asks its Facebook followers to “like” the page and come up with a good name. The winning entry wins a pair of air tickets on “the plane you help name”. Brilliant!

Scoot’s “Name our Scoot Babies” campaign page on Facebook

I, personally, am looking forward to being on that inaugural flight myself, having purchased my ticket some weeks back. Scoot’s use of social media has certainly impressed me — unlike what Singapore Airlines has managed after finally deciding to establish official presences on Facebook and Twitter.

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