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April 3rd, 2013

Kinny Cheng


Branson said: “The particular fuel we are looking at working on is algae. Algae can come from sewage plants, we can then turn it into fuel, and fuel the planes of the future without any effect to our environment.”

Algae does not have the same environmental complications as other bio-fuels, as all it needs to grow is sunlight, salt water and carbon dioxide. Algae can be grown in almost any enclosed space, it thrives in desert climates, and can even feed off the carbon dioxide emissions of factories and power plants.

Oilgae, as it has been dubbed, also has the potential to yield far greater amounts of fuel than those derived from food sources. […]

This can, and will, get very interesting once it becomes airborne (pun intended).

(Imagine the oil companies all getting into a frenzy!)

A Little Red, and way less blue…

March 7th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

Brand Republic News:

As part of the Little Red service, Virgin Atlantic will offer fliers free 23kg luggage check-ins, pre-assigned seats, compl[i]mentary snacks and drinks, and hot breakfasts for morning flights.

The airline has agreed a number of brand partnerships, including with crisp brand Tyrrells for the provision of special edition “Plane Crisps” made with miniature potatoes. It has also signed a deal with soft drinks company AG Barr to provide Irn Bru on its Scottish services.

The launch of Little Red will be promoted with an ad campaign targeting the regions around Manchester, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, focusing on the “sparkle” Virgin Atlantic will be adding to short haul journeys.

Virgin Atlantic’s bid for the BMI slots were confirmed back in November of last year. Close to four months on, the airline has decided to approach this opportunity with the creation of a sub-brand identifying the new short-haul services.

More importantly, it will be used to create a refreshed passenger experience through the unique set of baggage and in-flight offerings.

If the thought of flying with British Airways to those destinations (that is: Manchester, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen) feels old, I’m sure Little Red can go the way of brightening things up a bit…

A recording studio at the Clubhouse? Cor blimey!

May 18th, 2012

Kinny Cheng

Yes, it’s true — Virgin Atlantic has officially installed a professional-grade recording studio in their Clubhouse at London Heathrow Airport.


“From now on, composers who think of a new tune or need a last minute radio edit to their latest single whilst waiting for their flight can rush to the studio and record it immediately, rather than running the risk of forgetting it.”


“…because so many top class musicians and creative professionals fly with Virgin Atlantic.”

The Virgin Atlantic Avid Edit Suite
(Source: vtravelled Blog)

Well, that’s one more for brand association!

Many of us would also remember Virgin’s original roots were from music.

And, apparently, the idea has been in the works for more than two years already…

Do read up on the complete article at the vtravelled Blog!

Virgin Atlantic: Serving you Branson-ice in Upper Class

May 3rd, 2012

Kinny Cheng

The UK’s Mail Online:

Picture the scene: You’re 32,000 feet up, got your luxury sleep suit on and are preparing to swig an ice-cold G+T.

But then, horror as Sir Richard Branson’s severed head in ice-cube form looms into view from behind a wedge of lemon.

This nightmare has now become reality for all Virgin Atlantic upper class customers who can look forward to a couple of ‘Little Richards’ in their bar drinks going forward.

I’m not sure about you — but the coolness factor here is absolutely non-existent.

Check out the pictures in the Mail’s post!

Hope they have the traditional no-frills ice cubes on offer, as they look way more classy in my glass of aged whisky.

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