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Sony and Vueling to launch the world’s first wearable boarding pass.

March 20th, 2014

Kinny Cheng

Via Vueling’s news site:

Vueling and Sony have launched the first ever wearable boarding pass in the world. Using a 2D barcode, the application puts flight information and boarding passes as close as your wrist.

Great to see how Sony and Vueling managed to find reasonable cause in one another.

But to say…

This exciting launch places both companies at the forefront of mobile technology.

…is a big claim which I simply won’t agree with.

A theoretically-sound product-service doesn’t necessarily translate to true success in a real-world environment, let alone one that involves numerous stakeholders throughout the air travel value chain.

As always, in cases like this, I’m more than happy to be proven wrong — all in the name of seamless travels.

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