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The planning that goes into them Singapore Airlines on-board meals…

March 26th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

Our Man on the Ground:

Well I recently got the opportunity to be a ‘fly on the wall’ so to speak and attend the Singapore Airlines First Class menu presentation at their catering partners Alpha LSG Sky Chefs at Heathrow one cold Friday morning. I have to say I came away with a huge appreciation of how much goes into the careful selection and presentation of every meal that is served on board planes today.

There aren’t many surprises here. But it gives us another insight into the tedious processes that Singapore Airlines imposes upon its chefs, so to prepare those more-than-passable meals, consumed at 30,000 feet, by its passengers.

Singapore’s Terminal 4 (aka SIN T4) to be more narrow-body friendly

February 14th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

Australian Business Traveller’s John Walton talks about the upcoming Terminal 4 at Singapore Changi Airport:

“Singapore’s Changi Airport is set for a fourth terminal, boosting the number of passengers the airport can handle and reducing pressure on the facilities in existing [T]erminals 1, 2 and 3.

The airport also hopes to attract new airlines and improve the number of routes at the capacity-constrained terminals once Terminal 4 opens in 2017.

T4 will be home to both full service and low-cost airlines — which means that it will also have jetway aerobridges. No more dashing across the tarmac in a Singaporean deluge if you’ve gone for one of the cheaper flights for a short hop from Changi.

Smaller aircraft like Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 jets will be the focus of the new terminal, with the airport authority explaining that “it will primarily handle narrow body aircraft and be designed to enable quick turnaround of flights.”

Those of us in-the-know (#avgeeks) have been hearing developments of “Terminal 4” for more than a year now, and comes as no surprise that it will be designed primarily for use by smaller aircraft (or, mostly, by the low-cost carriers).

Even the casual traveller who have been to or passed through Singapore Changi Airport will (eventually) come to appreciate the outstanding nature of its facilities and infrastructure — with the probable exception of the Budget Terminal (*cough* hospital ward *cough*) that has since been demolished.

Terminal 4 will most certainly uphold these same outstanding qualities, most of which has earned the airport multiple awards for being “best airport” in some level of capacity.

Paraphrasing John’s article — just like the existing three terminals, it will also be connected-up in some capacity, and have facilities handling primarily narrow-body aircraft (i.e. Airbus A320, Boeing 737) that allows for quicker handling times for both passengers and airlines. Land-side, the terminal design will incorporate more-efficient self-service facilities — including kiosk,bag-tagging and bag-drops — which, at the current Terminal 1, doesn’t look or feel that great right now.

Finally, Terminal 4 will most probably be the one terminal focusing on creating the greatest efficiencies in processing of both passengers and airliners. Where most new airports, and/or their extensions and refurbishments, are focused on creating additional capacity/ies to cater for general aircraft support, with Singapore Changi it’s about re-shuffling the clutter (i.e. mix of both aircraft and airline types) and offering a best-of-both-worlds for all stakeholders involved with the passenger experience on some level.

Hence, don’t be expecting the bling-bling of Terminal 3, for example — but I’m pretty confident it won’t be another shed-of-a-terminal like the one which was tore down recently at the same location… ;)

Changi Airport Group expects the new terminal to be completed and officially open for use some time in 2017. Here’s hoping that Berlin Brandenburg will also be open by then…

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