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April 3rd, 2013

Kinny Cheng


Branson said: “The particular fuel we are looking at working on is algae. Algae can come from sewage plants, we can then turn it into fuel, and fuel the planes of the future without any effect to our environment.”

Algae does not have the same environmental complications as other bio-fuels, as all it needs to grow is sunlight, salt water and carbon dioxide. Algae can be grown in almost any enclosed space, it thrives in desert climates, and can even feed off the carbon dioxide emissions of factories and power plants.

Oilgae, as it has been dubbed, also has the potential to yield far greater amounts of fuel than those derived from food sources. […]

This can, and will, get very interesting once it becomes airborne (pun intended).

(Imagine the oil companies all getting into a frenzy!)

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