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That one and only American Airlines 777-300ER review you should read…

March 26th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

Jaunted’s Cynthia Drescher has just completed a three-part review series on American Airlines’ new Boeing 777-300ER — and she leaves no stone unturned.

A fun and very informative read.

In under ten minutes, you’ll be telling everyone else just how good/bad this new baby of AA’s really is!

Singapore Airlines to revamp cabin products

August 15th, 2012

Kinny Cheng

Singapore Airlines logo

Flightglobal’s Firdaus Hashim:

“The products will first be introduced on the new -300ERs that are due to enter service in the later half of 2013. Subsequently, it will be introduced on its Airbus A350s and Boeing 787s to be delivered.”

All cabins, from first class right down to economy, will see improvements of some degree (compared to the current offerings, found on all B777-300ER and A380 aircraft excluding Suites), as well as a cabin interior makeover and an improved IFE+C (inflight entertainment and connectivity) offering.

It makes perfect sense for Singapore Airlines to announce these forthcoming changes now, and progressively introduce them when deliveries of the new aircraft models are just beyond the horizon.

And why no A380 retrofit? Most probably because the fleet is still quite new (their 18th aircraft was recently delivered, with one outstanding to come very shortly) — but, eventually, a progressive retrofit is very much a possibility (with the only question remaining being “when?”)

First American-airline-owned Boeing 777-300ER to travel to… America; trans-Atlantic by early 2013

May 24th, 2012

Kinny Cheng

From the APEX Editor’s Blog:

“American Airlines today announced the flight numbers and markets for its first group of Boeing 777-300ERs that will enter the airline’s fleet starting this December. On Dec. 13, the Dallas/Fort Worth – Sao Paulo route will be the first to feature the newest addition to American’s fleet.”

From the North to the South, and back — and vice-versa. A typical type of routing for a brand new type of aircraft.

“In February, the aircraft will fly to London Heathrow from both Dallas/Fort Worth and New York JFK.”

And, of course, when more aircraft (of the same type) becomes available, along with greater operational experience, longer routes can be operated.

But how about this little bit of trivia:

“American is the first U.S. airline to order and take delivery of the Boeing 777-300ER.”

Yes, it’s true — an American-based airline has taken this long (the first commercial aircraft was delivered eight years ago) to pick-and-choose this aircraft, being a very successful model amongst many operators worldwide. When you think overall strategy, it truly boggles the mind.

The following statement simply proves my point:

“The 777-300ERs will complement American’s fleet by offering additional network flexibility in the future, as well as providing increased efficiency due to better seat mile economics and performance characteristics.”

Ten B777-300ERs will be delivered to American Airlines, beginning in December 2012; it will be a three-class configuration (First, Business, Economy); broad (and seemingly-good) entertainment options via the on-board IFE; in-seat AC power outlets and USB charging jacks; and on-board Wi-Fi will also be available.

This is probably one aircraft I would like to fly on and experience for myself — and I certainly hope it will finally break away from the on-board passenger experience limitations upheld by the traditional US carriers (e.g. American, Delta, United) all this time.

For more info, American Airlines have created a dedicated site for their upcoming Boeing 777-300ER aircraft here.

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