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Flying and eating moderately goes hand-in-hand…

May 9th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

David Flynn, of Australian Business Traveller fame, had this to say about the new smaller-sized portions being offered in Business Class on a recent flight to Singapore:

While travellers with a hearty appetite might rate the small plates as just an entree, these downsized dishes are a welcome alternative meal for people who’d prefer to graze more lightly during the flight.

It’s typical, for those of us flying, to stuff ourselves full of food because of the in-flight meals we get provided with.

I, for one, do not like wasting food and would not like to leave anything on the tray before it is finally collected. But as an experienced traveller, I consciously space out my meal times before a flight, and therefore this issue doesn’t really affect me most of the times.

Then, there are those who find it challenging to even finish the different food items on the tray, which ends up being left over and wasted.

For a business class meal service, like the aforementioned, it’s possible to easily make changes to the meal portion sizes, where they are individually prepared and plated in the galley. However, economy class meals are pretty much all set up at the catering facility, and is served immediately from trolley to tray table — which makes it virtually impossible to make similar variations.

Yet, being in economy does allow you to refuse your meal (although it won’t get served to you again later due to health and safety regulations), or even the choice to forego some of the items on the tray (for example: the hot meal, the bread).

This may not be public knowledge, but it could probably be stated on the menu as a possibility, perhaps?

I’m all for eating well — and flying well too! But, ironically, I don’t like letting food go to waste either.

Eating healthily on board? Yes, you can!

April 30th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

eTravel Blackboard:

In the past five years[,] orders for low-calorie meals has increased 300 percent and orders for low cholesterol meals rose by 181 percent, according to new data released by Cathay Pacific.

Even without the official data, it’s not surprising to find such an increase in this trend, given how the world has seen a progressive change in food consumption habits.

Arguably, this shift has been around for much longer (than just the past five years). But the lead-time by the different airlines’ adoption of these meals, plus the knowledge of availability by passengers, would’ve been plausible factors leading to this result.

In any case, the greater food options is a positive win for the passenger experience in general — that is, on airlines that offer such dietary food options…

(Hat-tip to Nikos of @inflightFeed for always bringing foodie-related tweets to my attention! :)

Build your own meals with Air Baltic!

April 5th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

My friend, Nikos Loukas, from InflightFeed looks at how Air Baltic has sworn in another in-flight meal evolution through true build-to-order:

Air Baltic are releasing a new food ordering system online which will allow passengers  to drag and drop their preferred meal items onto their airline tray and create their own inflight meal!

It has never been any simpler to construct your own personalised meal.

Anyone who cares even the least for the food they eat — and takes planes — should check this out.

You may not get to try it just yet — but it certainly does give us ideas!

The planning that goes into them Singapore Airlines on-board meals…

March 26th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

Our Man on the Ground:

Well I recently got the opportunity to be a ‘fly on the wall’ so to speak and attend the Singapore Airlines First Class menu presentation at their catering partners Alpha LSG Sky Chefs at Heathrow one cold Friday morning. I have to say I came away with a huge appreciation of how much goes into the careful selection and presentation of every meal that is served on board planes today.

There aren’t many surprises here. But it gives us another insight into the tedious processes that Singapore Airlines imposes upon its chefs, so to prepare those more-than-passable meals, consumed at 30,000 feet, by its passengers.

“Afternoon tea on Singapore Airlines, perhaps?”

March 21st, 2013

Kinny Cheng

Via Business Traveller:

Singapore Airlines has launched a new English Tea service for business and first class passengers on selected flights between London and Singapore.

The carrier says that the new option – which is being offered on flights SQ317 (departing London at 1055) and SQ305 (leaving Heathrow at 1515) – is being launched in response to “the resurgence in demand for the time-honoured and quintessential Afternoon Tea”.

It’s those little things that can make the difference.

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