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Amenity kits — aspiring to be so much more!

March 5th, 2013

Kinny Cheng

Glenn Kaufmann, writing for The APEX Editor’s Blog:

Amenity kits are one of the few items that passengers in first and business class are likely to take from the aircraft (sometimes emblazoned with the airline’s logo). These often-overlooked cases are designed to suit a myriad of future uses that may not have even been dreamt of yet. The airlines also hope that for passengers in other parts of the aircraft these stylish lagniappes will serve as aspirational items, encouraging economy customers to find a reason to treat themselves to a higher level of service.

I personally don’t care much for the amenity kits the airlines hand out on board, as I never seem to have any need for the items found inside — even if these items are seen as “travel essentials”, by realistic-but-wishful definition.

Yet, for people who find these kits of great value and/or practical use, the airlines and — more particularly — its providers hope that the actual provision of both case/pouch and the brands and types of items found within the kit will create an association with its users on various levels (both physically and psychologically).

It’s an interesting read if you have a knack for how the practice of providing complimentary items can incite a range of different consumer behaviour, which can (ideally) lead to positive brand associations on a somewhat-broad scale (i.e. airlines, amenity providers, etc.).

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