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In-flight shopping can be really quite interesting…

August 7th, 2012

Kinny Cheng

Nikos Loukas, writing for the APEX Editor’s Blog:

“Inflight retail is a huge industry; a lot of thought and planning goes into each airline’s inflight retail offerings. Most airlines will update their inflight retail magazines at least three to four times per year in order to keep frequent travellers interested in their range. I bet you didn’t know that cabin crew undergo specific product training when a new inflight retail magazine is due out. As the face of the airline and the seller it’s imperative that cabin crew are aware of what is being sold and how to sell it.”

The in-flight shopping catalogue is probably the second piece of reading material that gets read by me on a typical flight (with the first being the IFE “catalogue”!)

Nikos focuses on those special, exclusive items that can only be purchased in-flight — so-called “truly innovative and quirky items”. Coincidentally, these are also the items that I take time to read and learn about…

Always an interesting read!

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