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Foursquare your Lufthansa travels for rewards and recognition…

July 3rd, 2012

Kinny Cheng

Renowned Lufthansa guru, Lufthansa Flyer, shares with us this rather interesting development:

“Earlier this evening Lufthansa introduced a fantastic new social media application in conjunction with “foursquare” and Facebook which will allow Lufthansa “loyalists” to receive badges, coupons and promotional opportunities when they use “foursquare” to check in during their Lufthansa based travels.”

The social media application, called Blue Legends, allow individuals to check-in on Lufthansa flights and lounges to earn the possible rewards. Approximately 9,000 locations have been loaded onto the Foursquare database, which does (and can) make the exercise a rather interesting one!

And a brief on how it works:

“Signing up is easy. Simply visit the Blue Legends Website, where you’ll need your Facebook account to help you log in and set up your “Blue Legends” account. You can also use Twitter to share with your followers the accomplishments you achieve as a ‘Blue Legend’!

Once you set your account up and customize your profile, all you need to do is to use foursquare as you normally would to check in from a location and “Blue Legends” will take care of the rest. From what I have seen from the design team for “Blue Legends”, there are a lot of exciting and fun opportunities that will be made available to “Blue Legend” users so make sure you take every opportunity to make the most of it!”

For me, personally, requiring a Facebook account (since it is a Facebook app) is a deal-breaker, as I don’t — and choose not to — use this social networking service. But I’m sure most people wouldn’t have any issues here.

Head over to Lufthansa Flyer’s blog to get more details on this innovative social media approach by Lufthansa, including some very interesting pictures too!

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